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We need your help!

By Staff, 03/27/19, 7:30AM EDT


As many of you are already aware, we are facing a shortage of certified referees in Northeast Ohio. We at CASA and OHTSL have gotten together with the Ohio North State Referee Committee to sponsor a special class to aid in fixing this Issue.

Our goal is to have at least 100 people take this class. To help achieve this, the Ohio North State Referee Committee has agreed to accept a reduced fee as well as CASA and Ohio Travel Soccer League have agreed to subsidize some of that fee for each new referee. CASA and OHTSL will also be rebating $50 to each new referee after he or she officiates a minimum of 5 CASA and/or OHTSL games over this coming spring and fall.

The cost to take the class for each person will be $50. Half of this class must be taken online and the other half is an in person 6-hour class at the CAPS Fieldhouse either Saturday April 6th or Sunday April 7th.

What we are asking is that each of you go to your players, parents, friends, etc. and make this offer available to them. We are looking for those of high school age or older. We are looking for people who will be available both spring and fall.

This is a great way for your people to earn money while they also help the soccer community. Please join us in making this class an overwhelming success. The directions on how to register for this special class are listed below.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Ed Bernstein
Executive Director


Thank you for your interest in becoming a US Soccer certified referee. You are taking the first steps on a new path that will expand your knowledge of the beautiful game and greatly increase the number of ways that you can participate in our sport. This shared opportunity should make things easier for families to begin refereeing. The following step and links should make the process easier. Full details may be found at: 

Then select OHIO NORTH CLASSES - then BECOMING A REFEREE the direct link is below:

Step one: Create an account at

This account is free and will allow you to access the Ohio North Registration and Learning Center. 

Step two: Login to your ohnreferee.gameofficials account

-Locate MAIN MENU (left side) and select COURSES

-Locate and select REFEREE COURSES


The code required is: TOOTR

Register for one of the SRC/CASA/OHTSL clinics. Both of these clinics have a specific code required to take advantage of the cost reduction for this offer. 

Costs are being subsidized by the Ohio North State Referee Committee, CASA, and OHTSL. 

The online portion generally takes 3-4 hours to complete and MUST be finished before students will be able to attend the in person training on Saturday April 6 or Sunday April 7. Because the special code and costs associated with this program, these are the only two clinics from which you may choose to attend. If you register for on, but need to switch to the other day and space is still available please contact the SRC registrar:

After completing the online material, you will pass the entry level exam which is called the Grade 8 Youth Referee exam. Your completion of the online materials and the exam will prepare you for the one day class you've selected. At the end of that class you will receive your Referee Badge. 

Both courses are identical other than the day you choose to attend from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

Saturday April 6, is course # 29212

Sunday April 7, is course # 20213

Code required is: TOOTR