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Respectful and Appropriate Sideline Conduct

By Staff, 08/19/22, 11:30AM EDT


Our CASA Board is encouraging each club director to share this important message with all members of their organization. We highly encourage families to read the content in this message as we begin our new season.  Let this message serve as a unwavering warning to describing the actions our CASA league will take to end all inappropriate behavior and abusive actions that occur during or after a contest.  

First and foremost, we applaud those players, coaches, parents, and other fans who already exhibit the respectful and appropriate sideline conduct expected at each event. 

The image of youth sports has been tarnished bordering on being disgraced by the actions of a few overzealous and irresponsible individuals. Since this is not how youth athletics should ever be perceived or described, our League will take all action necessary to ensure that we promote a positive, welcoming, and safe environment for our players to participate.  This action will include bans and fines. 

Our Board’s goal is to reduce the inappropriate behavior, inexcusable language, and constant ridicule from either coach or parent sideline. Abuse to the officials of the game has come in all forms, sometimes physical but especially verbal. It’s both embarrassing and degrading and sometimes unlawful. Whether you are a coach, player, or spectator, we will deal with each offense swiftly.  

The parent sideline:  During a game in youth sports the parent or supporters’ sideline should be an environment where parents and fans only support, and cheer.  Player instruction, taunting, and threats to any parties will not be condoned. If during a game you should become agitated, angry, etc., and feel compelled to speak up or act out, we highly recommend you walk away and observe from a distance giving yourself an opportunity to calm down - rather than disgracing the sideline and embarrassing either yourself, your club, but especially your child.  Furthermore, any incidents involving derogatory remarks, racist comments, threats of immoral content has no place on the field and will be dealt with immediately. Additionally, we also expect other responsible parents to set positive examples for their child and help to create a sideline where the game can be enjoyed by everyone. 

The coach sideline:  This is the place where the correct tone should be set by modeling appropriate and acceptable behavior.  We urge coaches who are “the professionals” at the game to act accordingly.   Players will follow your lead so all visible examples must be appropriately modeled. We will not condone any consistent berating of officials, or incessant complaining. Additionally, any incidents involving derogatory remarks, racist comments, threats of immoral content has no place on the field and will be dealt with immediately. 

Players: You are the reason why we all gather for the sporting activity, and you are expected to compete and respect the laws of the game.  Finally, any incidents involving derogatory remarks, racist comments, violent actions, or threats of immoral content, has no place on the field and will be dealt with immediately.  

The League will not hesitate to penalize parents or other fans, players, coaches, or a club, when any party demonstrates improper and unacceptable behavior.  Violence, referee abuse or taunts, derogatory language, and a lack of basic human decency, have no place in our league.  We welcome only those individuals who can play their part to promote and improve the environment surrounding youth sports and especially within our soccer leagues.