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Heading in CASA League Matches

By Staff, 03/30/16, 4:45PM EDT


Dear Club Directors,

As you are all well aware, the United States Soccer Federation has mandated the elimination of heading in all matches for U-11 and younger. This is for training; league play as well as tournament competition.

This has sparked a debate nationally as well as within CASA. Many of us have been very concerned about concussions and have been discussing ways to try to reduce the number of concussions suffered by the young athletes in our league. After much discussion and 2 votes of the league membership, CASA has decided to go beyond the USSF mandate and eliminate heading in boys matches U-12 and younger and girls’ matches U-14 and younger effective immediately. This decision is for league matches only. Intentionally heading the ball in these matches shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction - or from the top of the goal area for infractions inside the goal area. 

All tournaments will abide by the USSF Mandate eliminating heading for U-11 and younger. Though we understand concussions will not be eliminated by this decision, it is our hope that this will reduce the number of serious injuries to our children over the course of soccer season.

I want to thank all of you who took part in the discussion and made your thoughts and opinions known. It is important to have as much input from you, our members, in decisions such as this, as possible.


Ed Bernstein
Executive Director